Prudence Investigative
Part of the investigative team culminating in
some of the largest seizures for Major
First of it's kind within the United States
Trademark Counterfeited motor vehicle parts
Successful prosecution and financial returns
to the State and Trademark Holders.

Prudenceio was started with the idea that major Corporations and Trademark Holders,
should have the same protection in the state of Florida, afforded to them in New York
and other major cities throughout the country. Our main investigator spent over five
years in a one of a kind unit within the N.Y.C. Police Department, which solely
investigated Trademark Copyright Infringement crimes.  
Prudence Investigative Organization is operated by Licensed and Insured private
investigators. We have access to national and global Law Enforcement contacts. We
also have the ability to provide expert court testimony in civil and criminal cases.
Presently we represent Major Corporations in the clothing, apparel, Computer, Motion
Picture, Recording, and Gaming Industries.
License NO  A 26000102